Opening night last night was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out! Our next show is tomorrow (Sunday) at 5:45. Hope to see you there!
Why can't Fringe theatre companies proofread their posters? Agh!
Brain Box Theatre is looking for a beat up laptop computer that can turn on and display MS Word. It will be subject to some vigorous, passionate typing, so you may not get it back in good condition.

Let me know at!
Eric Double (Arthur) will be performing a 5-10 minute excerpt of The Editor at the Bloor Street Festival this weekend. Check us out Sunday at 1:00 p.m., on Bloor, between Robert St. and Major St. (between Metro and Kinko's; in front of Trinity St. Paul United Church)!
Don't miss Madison's starring performance as Daphne in Present Laughter, a Noel Coward farce produced by the East Side Players. Present Laughter continues its run from this Wednesday, June 8 to Saturday, June 11!
Huge thanks to Mina Momeni for her incredible photography showcasing some of the early members of The Editor cast and crew!

Featuring, from left to right, Eric Double (Arthur), Lauren Wood (Associate Producer), Jonathan Kline (Playwright, Executive Producer), and Coleen MacPherson (Director).
All photos copyright Mina Momeni
First, welcome Madison Walsh to The Editor! We had a ton of great auditions, and over 100 applications! Thanks to everyone who came out for an audition. Wow, Toronto is full of talented actresses.

We had our first read-through today, and it was amazing to see Eric become Arthur again. Coleen asked him to approach the text with a certain neutrality, which was fascinating to watch after seeing his well-rendered, detailed performance in the original performance. Even though the read was completely cold for Madison, she brought the strength, humour, and humanity to Sophie that the character needs.

So in summary: great job everyone. We all learned a lot from tonight's rehearsal, e.g. bring an umbrella to rehearsals on stormy days...
Coleen MacPherson, director of The Editor, will be featured in this year's HOTscrawl's festival at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts! Her new play, "The Selfsame Hour" debuts May 16, 2011, with a staged reading performed by Brainbox Theatre Associate Producer Natalie Kulesza!

Break a leg, Coleen and Natalie!

For more information on attending the debut of "The Selfsame Hour" click here.
Blogger "Positive Energy 4 You" has written a glowing review of the recent workshop production of The Tempest and the Birch Tree, written by Brain Box Theatre Executive Producer Jonathan Kline, and starring The Editor's lead actor Eric Double and Brain Box Theatre Associate Producer Natalie Kulesza!

Positive Energy 4 You writes:

"The work accomplishes several difficult things very well. It is both dramatic and pointedly humorous at the same time. It is satirical and serious while never losing it's perspective on elements which are so universal to all human relationships. It is not preachy, and yet delivers a powerful and deeply evocative message...thanks to Theatre Caravel and all the actors for their excellent reading. It was a great evening."